GSI is a leading company in the heavy machinery spare parts market. It knows the needs of its customers, which is why it offers a wide range of parts. It has strategic allies around the world with which it guarantees that it can offer the best prices in the market. Our work team strives to improve not only its environment, but also its dynamic interaction with its allies around the world.


We offer a wide range of procurement of new, genuine, generic, OEM, and other parts. ENGINE: pistons, liners, rings, caps, gaskets, valves, crankshafts, camshafts, OTHER TRANSMISSIONS: Discs, pumps, pistons, gaskets, bearings, shafts, pinions, others. UNDERCARRIAGE: Teeth, rails, chains, shoes, tension wheels, bases, pins, sprockets, others. ELECTRICAL: Voltage regulators, card motors, control panel, alternators, others.


Today’s world demands that processes are not interrupted and we understand that. Production and optimization are processes that generate progress. For this reason we offer the express delivery service with which we speed up the immediacy of its delivery to its maximum expression with a prolonged period to customer satisfaction.


Our products are applied in the following equipment: backhoes, loaders, forklifts, cranes, trucks. power plants, generators, road rollers, pavers, crushers, bulldozers, compressors, electrical towers, dump trucks among other machinery.

The advantages of buying your spare parts with us:

Find out more about our wide range of professional services. We update this page constantly, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

Original replacement parts

100% original spare parts, the best option so that your DOOSAN Excavator is always operational with the best performance.

Alternate Parts

High quality Alternative Parts from Korea and always with a magnificent performance in the equipment at a very competitive price.

Urgent Logistics

Consult the destinations with all-inclusive “Door to Door” service… Now you receive the spare parts faster and more agile than before.

Import - Export

We collaborate with the appropriate documents for each destination, so that your import procedures are now simpler.

Spare parts for all Excavators:

DX140 – DX140LC – DX140LC3 – DX140LC5 – DX140LCR – DX140LCR3 – DX140LCR5 – DX140LCV – DX140R – DX140W – DX140W3 – DX140W5 – DX160W – DX160W3 – DX170W – DX180 – DX180LC – DX180LC3 – DX180LCV – DX19 – DX190 – DX190W – DX190W3 – DX190W5 – DX190WA – DX210 – DX210W – DX220LCA – DX225 – DX225LC – DX225LC3 – DX225LCA – DX225LCSLR – DX225LCV – DX225LL – DX225NLC – DX225SLR – DX230LC – DX235 – DX235LCR – DX235LCR5 – DX255 – DX255LC – DX255LC3 – DX255LCV – DX27Z – DX300 – DX300LC – DX300LC3 – DX300LCA – DX300LCV – DX300LL – DX340LC – DX340LC3 – DX340LCA – DX350 – DX350LC – DX350LC3 – DX350LCA – DX350LCV – DX35Z – DX380LC – DX380LC3 – DX420 – DX420LC – DX420LC3 – DX420LCA – DX420LCV – DX4280LC – DX480LC – DX480LCA – DX490 – DX490LC – DX490LC3 – DX490LCV – DX500LCA – DX520LC – DX520LCA – DX530 – DX530LC – DX530LC3 – DX530LCV – DX60R – DX62R3 – DX633 – DX700LC – DX80R – DX85R – DX85R3 – SOLAR 130LCV – SOLAR 140LCV – SOLAR 170LCV – SOLAR 175LCV – SOLAR 210WV – SOLAR 220LCV – SOLAR 225LCV – SOLAR 230LCV – SOLAR 255LCV – SOLAR 290LCV – SOLAR 300LCV – SOLAR 330LCV – SOLAR 340LCV – SOLAR 400LCV – SOLAR 420LCV – SOLAR 450LCV – SOLAR 470LCV – SOLAR 500LCV